“I have been practising TM for the past 18 years on and off and started on the recommendation of a friend when I’d complained about feeling stressed . My husband decided that he would be interested in doing the course so we went along together and have to say it has been invaluable. As a person who thrives on being very busy and active there are times when I either don’t get enough sleep or feel stressed and this manifests itself in migraines. Being able to draw on the positive qualities of TM over the years has been wonderful and I know that its something that I will use for the rest of my life. Apart from the feeling of complete refreshment after meditating for 20 minutes [you do feel like you’ve had a couple of hours sleep ] it helps to slow down days which are particularly hectic. It is sometimes hard to find 2 separate 20 minutes in every day, but even once a day when time is short TM has been a great tool for me.”
~ Hazel, Newcastle upon Tyne.