The perfect way to retune / kickstart your TM meditation practice, this is proving to be very popular in helping people maintain a meditation routine.

* When : Every Wednesday at 6.00pm.
* Where : The comfort of your home.
* How : Let me know if your interested & I’ll email you a link.

Some comments after our first two September 2019 Zoom sessions

* “I really enjoyed the session and had the best nights sleep I’ve had in ages.”
Doreen ~ Dorset

* “Thanks for last night, I really enjoyed it. The meditation ended being a really pleasant one and I was really pleasantly surprised to see so many others online with us.”
Scott ~ Glasgow

* “I found yesterday’s online group meditation / TM refresher very beneficial and enjoyable. It deepened my meditation and left me more calm and relaxed”
John ~ Stockton on Tees

* “Thanks for the group meditation this evening. It was really good. It felt like a deeper than usual mediation to me.”
Clara ~ Edinburgh

* “Thanks, really great the weds eve medi”
Patrick ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

* “Thank you. That was fantastic. Really terrific.”
Lynda ~ Cheshire

* “I enjoyed the online meditation today. Thank you! It gave a much needed tune-up to my practice.”
Oliver ~ Toronto

* “Lovely meditation.”
Judith ~ Dorset

* “Managed to get in – was fab. Thank you.”ᅠ
Theresa ~ Southampton

* “It was a fab meditation – I will definitely be joining in future when I can. Not sure why – but it was such a calming meditation – similar to that I feel when I’m in a group meditation on the weekend retreats. Definitely a fan – thank you.”
Margaret ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

* “The Zoom meditation was superb! It was so good to resolve my poor discipline with meditating alone. The technology worked very well, very easy to join and feel part of a group of people. It definitely seems to give my meditation more focus doing it with other people. I haven’t had such a good meditation for a while – felt I was floating around the ceiling. I’ll look forward to joining the next one!” Alex ~ Hexham

* “Thank you for leading our meditation yesterday. I really appreciated it.”
Emily ~ Bournemouth

* “I really enjoyed the online meditation tonight. It worked very well and I did enjoy the meditation from the comfort of my dining chair, I will try my comfy armchair next time. Thank you very much.” ~ Joan ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

* “Will be joining the Zoom session to benefit from group meditation. Agree with the effectiveness, found the group meditation as powerful. It felt like meditating in the same room.” Annie ~ Stafford