The perfect way to retune / kickstart your TM meditation practice, this is proving to be very popular in helping people maintain a meditation routine.

* When : Every Wednesday at 6.00pm.
* Where : The comfort of your home.
* How : Let me know if your interested & I’ll email you a link.

Some comments after our first few September 2019 Zoom sessions

* Hello there Chris,  David from Orkney here.

Thank you for the Wednesday 6pm’s. It must be 4 (?) by now. Even the one that was cancelled for Zoom technical reasons still led me just to sit down and meditate.

The great thing that you do is just to repeat the message that there is no gold standard that needs to be aimed for during a meditate. You take it as it comes, whether it means sleeping or mind wandering. I didn’t think that I was getting anything out of last Wednesday’s meditate but then lo and behold I was really surprised to hear your voice telling us all that the 20 minutes had elapsed.

Following your closing words this week encouraging us to find time to meditate on a daily basis, ideally twice a day, I am seeing how I get on with this. It shouldn’t be difficult. The routine has now been re established with these weekly sessions, the rest will follow.

I’m very grateful,


* “Thanks again for a really well-structured session. It’s amazing how powerful these on-line sessions are.”  Sue ~ Manchester

* “Really enjoyed the meditation session last night – it’s difficult to comprehend how an online group session can seem just as powerful as ‘the real thing.’ ”  Danny ~ Staffs

* “It’s really helping me to get back into it. I managed 6 out of 7 days with a morning session at least.  Looking forward to next time.”  Barbara ~ Northumberland

* “I really enjoyed that session. Thank you so much. I think it works really well and I look forward to next week.”  Mary ~ Cornwall

* “Many thanks for last night. I enjoyed it and as a result, completed todays session this morning enjoying it. It is like riding a bike!”  David ~ Northumberland

* “I’ve tuned into 3 of the online sessions and have really enjoyed them.” David  ~ Newcastle

* “I thoroughly enjoyed the session, keep up the good work and I look forward to joining next Wednesday’s TM zoom.”   David ~ Edinburgh

* “Your online meditation group last week was very good and provided lots of encouragement to consolidate my (less than consistent) practice.”  Ken ~ East Yorks

* “Many thanks for doing the online meditation, I have found it useful.”  Cathy ~ Manchester

* “I really enjoyed the session and had the best nights sleep I’ve had in ages.”
Doreen ~ Dorset

* “Thanks for last night, I really enjoyed it. The meditation ended being a really pleasant one and I was really pleasantly surprised to see so many others online with us.”
Scott ~ Glasgow

* “I found yesterday’s online group meditation / TM refresher very beneficial and enjoyable. It deepened my meditation and left me more calm and relaxed”
John ~ Stockton on Tees

* “Thanks for the group meditation this evening. It was really good. It felt like a deeper than usual mediation to me.”
Clara ~ Edinburgh

* “Thanks, really great the weds eve medi”
Patrick ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

* “Thank you. That was fantastic. Really terrific.”
Lynda ~ Cheshire

* “I enjoyed the online meditation today. Thank you! It gave a much needed tune-up to my practice.”
Oliver ~ Toronto

* “Lovely meditation.”
Judith ~ Dorset

* “Managed to get in – was fab. Thank you.”ᅠ
Theresa ~ Southampton

* “It was a fab meditation – I will definitely be joining in future when I can. Not sure why – but it was such a calming meditation – similar to that I feel when I’m in a group meditation on the weekend retreats. Definitely a fan – thank you.”
Margaret ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

* “The Zoom meditation was superb! It was so good to resolve my poor discipline with meditating alone. The technology worked very well, very easy to join and feel part of a group of people. It definitely seems to give my meditation more focus doing it with other people. I haven’t had such a good meditation for a while – felt I was floating around the ceiling. I’ll look forward to joining the next one!” Alex ~ Hexham

* “Thank you for leading our meditation yesterday. I really appreciated it.”
Emily ~ Bournemouth

* “I really enjoyed the online meditation tonight. It worked very well and I did enjoy the meditation from the comfort of my dining chair, I will try my comfy armchair next time. Thank you very much.” ~ Joan ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

* “Will be joining the Zoom session to benefit from group meditation. Agree with the effectiveness, found the group meditation as powerful. It felt like meditating in the same room.” Annie ~ Stafford

* “Just to say a big hearty THANKS for taking the trouble to organise and chair the Weds night Medis which I have enjoyed very much since the beginning. So as to allow you to get on with proceedings as speedily as possible I keep my camera and mike off but please know that I am present, unfortunately on my computer I don’t have the “thumbs” up option either…!
Started mediing in 2004, I have kept going with my medis twice a day, though I can’t say there’s much transcending going on……! Wish I could enjoy some of the lovely medis of the early days when 20mins went in a blink, but alas…! Sometimes it’s like 20 mins thinking how not to think….! or trying to catch the latest thought before it passes the baton on to the next one… This is one reason why I find the Zoom meetings so inspiring, I look forward to our next meeting on Weds eve.” Thanks again. Patrick ~ Spain / Yorkshire