I am a very busy married mother of 2 young daughters aged 3 and 7. I also work part time five days a week and spend a lot of time looking after my elderly mother. As to be expected my day to day life can be stressful and quite demanding and whilst running a busy household and job I have battled with depression for a number of years which until recently resulted in me having panic attacks.
I completed the TM Course through recommendation that it would benefit my depression, but was unaware at the time of how many other benefits I would experience! Since then I can say without a doubt that TM has changed my life for the better!
Just carrying out 2 lots of 20 minutes once a day is all it needs. I cannot believe how calm and less worrisome I am and how things that would normally get me down now just go over my head. I also feel energized and lifted after each meditation, it really does completely recharge my batteries and gives me a buzz. I normally feel a slump in the day around 3pm just before I have to do the school run but find the TM instantly gives me that boost of energy needed to carry on for the rest of the day!
Also during sleepless nights with the children I would normally be struggling to get through the day, but again practising my TM before I get up makes me feel like I have a full uninterrupted 8 hours sleep!
I have also found my motivation has soared, nothing is too much trouble anymore, whereas in the past certain jobs I may have not felt bothered to do, I now carry out without a moments hesitation. My patience and tolerance has also improved, situations that would normally perhaps irritate and aggravate me no longer do so.
I would now say without a doubt that I would not be without TM in my life. I cannot imagine a day without doing it and it has truly turned my life around for the better.
Julie~ NHS Call Handler@ Wigan