“I did not think that I would look forward to it as much as I do & am so relieved that it is effortless, was expecting to have to try very hard!  I had not expected such a profound effect and am looking forward to continuing”

Patricia ~ Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

“Happier, calmer, more energy, more patience.  I have been to a couple of other meditation classes before and had come away with the impression that thoughts were to be banished altogether – so am so pleased that I now have the CONFIDENCE to continue meditating, understanding that I’m not doing it wrong.  Thankyou.

Jane ~ Northumberland

“Noticed my day went smoother, my outlook was more positive and could handle stress at work better.  Helped regain my peace of mind.  I enjoyed course & found it instructive & introduced me to a new & other way of meditating & releasing stress.  TM feels so natural & refreshing & that’s something I was looking for.  Other meditation techniques didn’t stick with me.”

Laura ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“Clarity of thought, a lot more focused, I had a better sleep & fell asleep more easily”

Jenny ~ Belfast


Derek ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“Prolonged calmness & positivity all day”

Alex ~ Newcastle upon Tyne


Hazel ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“More calm most of the day, I have enjoyed it and it has answered a lot of questions that I had”

Susan ~ Newcastle upon Tyne