“I’ve got to say but even though it’s early days I find that TM is changing my life. I am slightly agoraphobic yet today I went out on my own in the sunshine…..!!!  I have tried nearly everything from pyschotherapy to Buddhist meditation to medication. None worked. TM works for me.
Thank you for your training in TM. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”
Shane ~ Manchester
“I’ve tried popping over to the cathedral today at lunch to try and do a little lunch break TM which has gone very well (if you’re in the city centre I’d recommend it as a nice place to nip off to and do a little meditation. If you pick a side chapel at the back you don’t get disturbed at all and the cathedral itself is lovely, very pretty and very peaceful).
Im also trying a bit of TM on the train to work which was also good today.
Generally I’m really happy with the technique and just finding ways to ensure I incorporate it into my routine.
I do feel a great benefit already.”
Jilly ~ Cheshire