“I just wanted to share with you my latest experience this morning with TM. As you well know, I’ve been practising for around 9 months since we met last November on the TM course in Ringwood. I have just experienced the most incredible TM session this morning. I try to achieve two 20 minute slots a day.

I’ve had sessions before where I entered the most calming void in my ‘mental space’, very briefly and in snatches. Today, I went deeper into that space than I ever have. I was actually shocked to come out of it.

It was simply delightful and if this is now a sign of where my TM is heading, after considerable practice then I can’t wait for my next session!!!!

The one thing that has been so consistent so far with TM for me, is that every session is different in some way. I don’t know why today was so different, I really don’t but maybe my efforts are just coming of age!”

Lawrence, Winchester, Hants