” I love the simplicity of TM and of course, the benefits. I resisted meditating for many years, even though I knew it would help me. I just couldn’t manage to sit myself down and do it. I procrastinated for a long time on being too busy, not being able to sit still, not being able to ‘control my thoughts’ and so on. It seemed I would never get round to it. I finally learned TM with Chris this Summer and was overjoyed to find out that you don’t need to control your thoughts! It’s super simple and I feel so refreshed after meditating. Sometimes I feel my mind and body resists for a while until towards the end I realise I have slipped into a state of sheer relaxation… surrendered at last and my god it feels good! Do yourself and your mind/body a favour and give in – it’s simple and a real treat. Chris is a great, knowledgeable and ethical TM teacher and an all round good guy. His experience is excellent and extensive, check it out on here.”

Liz ~ Cheshire