Twice Daily Online Group TM Meditation + Wednesday pm Q & A

  • Please Note
    Zoom has updated its security & from now you will be asked to enter a password (number) for all daily online group meditation sessions.
  • First click on Zoom link below & then enter this number when requested : 538457

Zoom link :

Chris’s Zoom TM Schedule

* Tuesday 6.55am + Wednesdays at 6.55am & 6.00pm. (+ Q & A’s)

Please Note

Morning sessions start at :

* 6.55am with “optional” Pranayama, a simple yoga breathing method that helps the mind settle prior to meditation.  See details :

  • (Wednesday mornings start with Meditation Check)

* 7.00am Start meditation.

* 7.20am Finish meditation plus 3/4 minutes rest with eyes closed.

* 7.25 – 30am  Session ends.

EVENING sessions start with a Meditation check at :
* 5 minutes past the hour.
* Finish at 25 minutes to the hour including 3/4 minutes to come out of meditation. 
Any questions do feel free to get in touch.

Very best



Daily Online Meditation Schedule (GMT) :

Monday 6.55am (Maggie) and 6:00pm (Wayne)

Tuesday 6.55am (Chris) and 6:00pm (Andre)

Wednesday 6.55am (Chris) and 6:00pm (Chris)

Thursday 6.55am (Andre) and 6:00pm (Azra)

Friday 6.55am (Maggie) and 6:00pm (Andre)

Saturday 6.55am (Andre) and 6:00pm (Wayne/Andre)

Sunday 6.55am (Wayne) and 6:00pm (Andre)

In Addition
If you feel like an extra meditation top up during this challenging period, Andre one of our Independent TM teachers is running a daily quiet time / meditation of any type or none.
* 11am  meditation link open to all.

Wednesday Evening Zoom Points:

* Start at 6.00pm with a few reminders of the simplicity of the practice.

* I will mute (silence) people on arrival to minimise disturbance during meditation. If for any reason I’m unable to do this can you please mute yourself.

* You can have your personal video on or off, many people find it makes the whole online group meditation experience more intimate, human, to see other people, but of course its your choice.

* Start 20 minute meditation after 5 minutes with a gentle lead in checking session

* Finish meditation at approximately 6.30pm

* Followed by 4/5 minutes to come out slowly – very important!

* Finish after 1 hour at the latest including a question & answer session though you can of course leave early, but after the 4/5 minutes above – essential!

* Important. If you are using a computer you should be able to just click on link to participate. If using a smartphone or tablet you may need to first download the Zoom App.

Zoom is genuinely very straight forward, but like anything it can take a while to feel comfortable with it. You can attend earlier if you are new to Zoom and just wanting to explore. 

Any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch

Please help us keep zoom sessions going

Our Zoom sessions are absolutely free for anyone who has attended a TM course.  If you enjoy them and find them useful and you wish to make a donation, any contribution is much appreciated, but please don’t feel under any pressure.  To clarify, although we (myself & the other independent TM teachers) collaberate in running these online group meditations, our finances are completely separate.  Thus donations made here are to me (Chris)

Payment online below via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account and can pay with any debit/credit card.

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