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TM and depression

Another in our continuing series of TM testimonials : I attended my TM course around three years ago (actually this could have been four, a lot has changed since then!). Some years before this I had become interested in meditation […]

A nice comment

Nice comment, must say an awful lot of people feel the same about   their TM practice : “Continue the good work!! The best investment my partner and I ever made. Something every child and every person should be able […]

Improved sleep 2!

Improved sleep through TM : “I decided to learn TM because I wanted to find a way to deal with my sleep problems that did not involve medication. A couple of years ago I went through a particularly stressful time […]

“Conquer the world!”

Comment from participant on Manchester TM course last weekend : “Best thing ever, feel absolutely fantastic, ability to stay calm, happy & clear. Feel I could conquer the world!” Claire, Manchester

Improved sleep?

Comment from participant on Newcastle TM course 10 days ago : “The meditation is going well, and the fatigue stage has passed. I am now energised and feeling nicely ‘bright’! I am putting this down partly to the quality of […]

Another TM testimonial

Continuing our series of peoples experiences of TM : I was first introduced to the practice of TM in 2010. After the training I did not consistently meditate initially because I think it took me a while to understand what […]

Another persons experience of TM

This weeks testimonial on TM & its benefits : ‘At a time when we are bombarded by information, communication and constant background noise, it comes as blessed relief that something called TM exists. It’s free and it’s yours and it’s […]